Pandanda Wiki is about the new MMOG called "Pandanda". Create your own red panda and play games to earn coins. Your home is referred as a treehouse. Pandanda is currently in beta. With only four servers: Willow, Oak, ,Maple, Cender And now Poplar. The game has already have over 1,000 players. Since it is in beta, there is no membership. Pandas that sign up can buy anything. Although, once beta is done you will lose all of your clothes, furniture, and items if you didnt pre-oder a membership. You may pay a membership then. Pandanda is similar to the popular Club Penguin in which you are an animal buying clothes and such.

Pandanda Wiki Updates

  • On April 10, 2009, the Pandanda Wiki is created.
  • There is an easter egg hunt going on similar to [[Club Penguin]]. Look out for eggs!
  • Three beta items have been released on Pandanda. The first one is the white I am a Beta T-Shirt, the second is a red propeller cap simialr to Club Penguin's cap, and the third one is a blue I'm a Beta T-Shirt.
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